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Luxus Training Pro takes a common  sense approach to learning how to use LuxRender via Luxus. The Luxus  plugin relays your information over to LuxRender and then stays out of  your way. That’s it. This training shows exactly what that means, step  by step.

Do you wish you could see exactly what needs to be done to get the rendered results you want?

Are you confused by LuxRender?

Are not sure if you want the Luxus Plugin because you are not sure what it is?

Do you hate rendering in DAZ Studio with Uber Environment because all you get are blotchy results?

Would you like to know how to light a night scene?

2 Hours of Video Training Shows You How To:

Get grain free renders in DAZ Studio with Uber Environment and  3Delight. No more black, splotchy results! The insider knowledge starts  here. Use final quality 3Delight renders as a test for your LuxRender  via Luxus pipeline.

Learn a straightforward approach to lighting that can be duplicated  across all rendering platforms. You know that gut feeling you get when  you think about how confusing lighting is? This training makes that go  away.

Use the Luxus plugin without tripping over it on the way to  LuxRender. This plugin is seamlessly built right into DAZ Studio. Watch  how easy it is to change materials, create lights and end up with a  firefly free picture in LuxRender via Luxus.

“I am a straight forward, visual learner. I don’t always have to have  a detailed “why” behind a technical setting. Most of the time the  “what” is more important. What does changing that setting make the  render look like? That is what matters to me as an artist. I created  this training to help others who think the same way.”

~Bluebird 3D