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Duration 3h 24m Project Files Included MP4

Creating Dynamic Fur with XGen in



In this


tutorial, we’ll use the XGen system inside of Maya to create fur on an animated mesh.

We’ll go over many of the tools found within XGen, but will mainly focus on the Groom and Spline features. In addition to creating fur, we’ll also learn how to create and

convert texture maps into Ptex maps compatible with XGen as well as learn about adding secondary dynamic motion to our fur using modifiers. Finally, we’ll learn how to render

our results using mental ray.

By the end of this Maya training, you’ll have the skills to create both moving and static fur on your own characters using XGen in Maya.

持续时间 3 h 24 米项目文件包括的 MP4

用在玛雅 XGen 创建动态的毛皮




教程中,我们会使用 XGen 系统内的玛雅动画的网格创建毛皮。

我们会去很多工具发现内 XGen,但将主要集中在新郎和样条的功能。在创建后的皮毛,我们还将学习如何创建和

将纹理映射转换成 Ptex 地图与 XGen 兼容,以及了解有关添加二阶动态运动我们使用修饰符的毛皮。最后,我们将学习如何呈现

我们使用 mental 的结果。

这个玛雅年底培训,你得上自己的字符在玛雅人使用 XGen 创建动、 静毛皮的技能。