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Character Head Modeling A Different Approach

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Learn a different approach to modeling heads by using linear NURBS curve cage production as a first step. This approach is fundamentally different from traditional methods and, once mastered, allows you to model from photos as well as drawings. So…

Modeling requires the artist to think in 3D, but how can you do this when your computer screen and pencil and paper operate in 2D? In this course, Character Head Modeling: A Different Approach, you will unlock the connection between 2D and 3D thinking through a different approach to 3D modeling (as opposed to more traditional methods such as box modeling). First, you will learn about schematics and how to use contour lines extracted from drawings and photographs of the face. Next, you'll discover how to generate a 3D linear NURBS cage, and with it, you will create your head model polygon by polygon, from all parts of the face to the ears and back of the head. By the end of this course, you'll have a new approach to head modeling that will help you create better character models than ever. Software required: Maya 2016, Photoshop cc 2015.

字符的头部建模 ︰ 不同的方法

MP4 |视频 ︰ AVC 1280 x 720 |音频 ︰ AAC 44 KHz 2 通道 |持续时间 ︰ 5 h 5 m |2.68 GB

类型 ︰ 电子学习 |语言 ︰ 英语

学习不同的方法来建模头采用线性 NURBS 曲线笼生产作为第一步。这种方法是从根本上不同于传统的方法,一旦掌握了,可以从照片以及图纸模型。苏。

建模要求艺术家想在 3D 中,但你怎么能这样当你的电脑屏幕和铅笔和纸以运行 2D时呢?在此过程中,人物头部建模 ︰ 不同的方法,你将解锁 2D 和 3D 的思维,通过不同的方法来 3D 建模 (而不是更传统的方法如箱建模) 之间的连接。首先,您将了解原理图和如何使用轮廓线提取图纸和照片的脸。接下来,你会发现如何生成三维线性 NURBS 笼子里,并有了它,您将创建您的头部模型多边形的多边形,从脸到耳朵和后脑的所有部位。通过这门课程结束时,你会有新的会帮助你的头部建模方法创建更好的字符模式,比以往任何时候。所需软件 ︰ 玛雅 2016 年,Photoshop cc 2015。