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Hand Lettering Styles and Techniques for Embellishment in Adobe Illustrator

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Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Join Spencer Charles, formerly Senior Designer at acclaimed design firm Louise Fili Ltd, to learn a techniques, tips, tricks, and best practices to create your best lettering work.

Lessons cover:

Letterform Research: study historical examples to see how common letterforms are made

Illustrator Best Practices: learn the best ways to use grids, layers, and the infamous pen tool

Alphabet Script Styles: construct lowercase and uppercase letters in different styles

Effects for Embellishment: practice inlines, outlines, drop shadows, and more

Monograms: learn how to weave and interlock letterforms

刻字为 Adobe Illustrator 中点缀的风格和技巧的手

MP4 |视频︰ AVC 1280 x 720 |音频︰ AAC 44 KHz 2 通道 |持续时间︰ 1 小时 |862 MB

类型︰ 电子学习 |语言︰ 英语

加入查尔斯 · 斯宾塞,原高级设计师的著名的设计公司路易斯菲佣有限公司,学习技术,技巧,技巧,和最佳做法创建刻字工作你最好。


字体的研究︰ 研究历史的例子,看如何共同字形进行

插画家最佳做法︰ 学习使用网格、 层和臭名昭著的钢笔工具的最佳方法

字母表脚本样式︰ 构建中不同风格的大写和小写字母

点缀的效果︰ 实践内联、 轮廓、 阴影和更多

字母组合︰ 学习如何编织和联锁字形