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Beginner | 7h 45m | 4.93 GB | Project Files | Software used: Houdini

Title: Lynda – Houdini Essential Training

Info: There’s a multitude of tools for 3D content creation on the market, and each has its own advantages and merits. Houdini—a leading package for 3D content creation—offers a procedural workflow that allows for powerful experimentation, system reusability, and overall process efficiency in building an array of assets and animations. While known for its VFX strengths, Houdini has powerful tools for end-to-end 3D production for projects ranging from photorealistic visual effects to stylized motion graphics. In this course, Scott Pagano starts from the ground up to provide you with a solid foundation in Houdini. First, he takes you through the interface, covering topics such as global animation options, nomenclature, and viewport and display nodes. Next, he covers core geometry and animation concepts, followed by lighting, shading, and rendering techniques using the Houdini Mantra renderer. Once you have those primary 3D skills under your belt, Scott moves on to particles and volumes—some of the package’s most lauded strengths. He wraps up with an overview of the package’s compositing context, where you can create procedural imagery useful for processes across all contexts.

初学者 |7h 45m |4.93 gb |项目文件 |使用的软件: 胡迪尼

标题: 琳-胡迪尼基本训练

信息: 在市场上有大量的3D 内容创建工具, 各有其优点和优点。胡迪尼-一个用于3D 内容创建的领先包-提供了一个程序工作流, 它允许强大的实验、系统的可重用性以及构建一系列资产和动画的整体过程效率。虽然胡迪尼以其特效的优势著称, 但它拥有强大的工具, 可用于从逼真视觉效果到程式化的运动图形等各种项目的端进3D 生产。在这门课程中, 斯科特帕加诺从地面开始, 为您提供了胡迪尼的坚实基础。首先, 他带您完成界面, 包括诸如全局动画选项、命名、视区和显示节点等主题。接下来, 他介绍了核心几何和动画概念, 接着是使用胡迪尼咒语渲染器的光照、着色和渲染技术。一旦你有了这些基本的3D 技能在你的腰带, 斯科特移动到粒子和体积-一些包的最称赞的优势。他总结了包的合成上下文的概述, 在这里您可以创建过程图像对跨所有上下文有用。