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Introduction to Regular Expression (Regex)

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Regular Expression exists in almost every programming language. This course teaches the basics of using Regular Expression, including basic and advanced syntax, metacharacters, how to craft complex expressions for matching, and more.

With the ever increasing shift away from GUI tools in favor of automation, the need for learning Regular Expression is also increasing. As system administrators, engineers, and developers implement automation across applications and enterprises. The need to validate, extract, match, and capture values from within data sets is becoming more and more important as well. Regular expression is available in almost every programming language. No matter what your background is and if you deal with data of any kind, Regular Expression will make you more productive and efficient with the data you manage. This course, Introduction to Regular Expression (Regex), is for those who seek a better understanding of their data and how to become more productive with that data. First, you'll learn to use shorthand metacharacters. Next you'll learn all about anchors and word boundaries. Finally, you'll explore lookarounds. By the end of the course, you'll have the knowledge required to both read regular expressions you find online, as well as how to craft elegant expressions of your own.

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