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HtoA阿诺德Houdini渲染插件 SolidAngle Houdini To Arnold v1.14.2 Win/Mac/Linux破解版阿诺德渲染器Houdini版本,支持Houdini 15.Arnold 是一款高级的、跨平台的渲染 API。

与传统用于 CG 动画的 scanline(扫描线)渲染器(Renderman)不同,Arnold 是照片真实、基于物理的光线追踪渲染器。

支持Houdini 15.5.673/Houdini 15.5.717/Houdini 16.0.504,Win/Mac/Linux版本Arnold for Houdini (or HtoA) provides a tight bridge to the Arnold renderer from within the standard Houdini interface, in a way that is familiar to both Houdini users and Arnold users in Maya or Softimage.

It also enables smooth lighting workflows between Houdini and other DCC applications, since setups can be exported and shared.

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