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AE中心点锚点移动对齐脚本 Move Anchor Point V4Move Anchor Point现在是以扩展的形式在AE中使用,UI界面更加结构化,增加网格排列和Z轴移动预设,自定义预设储存,根据图层内容来移动中心点等Move Anchor Point is now an extension, which means you get a more powerful, more responsive and a more personalized user experience.

V4版本新功能:Move Anchor Point is now an ExtensionModular interface for improved customizationResizable grid and z-space presetsNew ‘Match’ functionaily. Match anchor points by layer name searchingCreate quick presets for custom moves and search matchesMove a shape layer’s anchor point based on its contents支持的AE版本:Win/Mac CC 2014-2018,中文版/英文版AE