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Houdini爆炸特效刚体教程(完整版) CGCircuit – Applied Houdini – Rigids V在Houdini中制作各种效果的爆炸特效,探索刚体系统的使用,比如制作碎片、粒子、烟雾蒸汽等多种效果In Rigids V, we’ll create a series of blasts whose shape and position are based off of a dynamic laser gunfire simulation! We’ll design the shape of the explosion at each laser bolt impact by controlling the sources of the new rigid body debris, particles, streamers, and smoke. Several commonly (and easily) used math topics are introduced here in order to achieve professional and art directable results, including quaternions, cross, and dot products. A professional workflow will as always be demonstrated to keep all of this organized and efficient, plus lots of advanced tips and tricks. The final renders will even be brought to life with illumination from the lasers themselves!