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Zbrush商业模型雕刻教程 Designing for Production in ZBrush with Rafael Grassetti在Zbrush中制作商业级别的3D模型,讲解不同雕刻工具的使用,已经雕刻中用到的一些小技巧,模型细节的优化,后期在PS中添加细节合成In this title, Art Director Rafael Grassetti demonstrates his entire process of designing and creating a character in ZBrush.

He explores the different tools and techniques used to sketch concepts while keeping the mindset of later creating a character for production.

Starting with the character blockout, Rafael creates the secondary shapes, refines the model, then moves on to sculpting the fine details and texturing the character.

The final rendering is taken into Photoshop for compositing to illustrate the final character as a product that is ready to be taken through a game or cinematic production.