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本教程是关于AE CC动态图形MG动画全面训练视频教程,时长:11小时30分,大小:1.6 GB GB,格式:MP4高清视频格式,附工程源文件,教程使用软件:After Effects CC, 作者:Louay Zambarakji,共14个章节,语言:英语。

After Effects是Adobe公司推出的一款图形视频处理软件,适用于从事设计和视频特技的机构,包括电视台、动画制作公司、个人后期制作工作室以及多媒体工作室。而在新兴的用户群,如网页设计师和图形设计师中,也开始有越来越多的人在使用After Effects。属于层类型后期软件。

AE全称After Effect是adobe公司开发的一个视频剪辑及设计软件。After Effects ,用于高端视频特效系统的专业特效合成软件,隶属美国Adobe公司。它借鉴了许多优秀软件的的成功之处,将视频特效合成上升到了新的高度:Photoshop中层的引入 ,使AE可以对多层的合成图像进行控制,制作出天衣无缝的合成效果; 关键帧、路径的引入,使我们对控制高级的二维动画游刃有余;高效的视频处理系统,确保了高质量视频的输出;令人眼花缭乱的特技系统使AE能实现使用者的一切创意;AE同样保留有Adobe优秀的软件相互兼容性。

In this course, I have gathered tons of experience in Motion Graphics and Adobe After Effects techniques. You will focus on Motion Graphics while Learning all about After Effects methods, techniques tips and tricks to create awesome animations.

You Will:

Dive in immediately and start creating animations

Learn the most powerful structured technique to create a full Animation Project

Start learning Motion Graphics techniques and how to create them in After Effects

Learn and Practice the essential skills required to properly Create Motion Graphics in After Effects

and much more...

Some of Practical Projects Covered in This Course:

The Phone Animation: A practical and useful project to ignite your Motion Graphics skills

The Walking Character: An Introduction to compounding shapes and creating a simple walking cycle

Angry Birds: A project that will lead to learn all about space and time and how to put them together to create energetic animation

And many other projects that will teach you the ins and outs of Motion Techniques.

Most importantly throughout the course the essence of Motion Graphics and how to put together a Motion Graphics Project is thoroughly covered.

Your most important experience in this course is learning how to embrace the spirit of your individuality when creating Motion Graphics coupled with how to Imagine, Create and Execute Motion Graphics while learning all the tools in Adobe After Effects for you to become a Master Motion Graphics Artist.

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