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本平面素材是关于飘浮雪花下雪艺术特效PS动作,大小:80 MB,格式:ATN,为设计师提供精彩绝伦的灵感素材,使用软件:建议Photoshop CC或以上版本。

Adobe Photoshop,简称“PS”,是由Adobe Systems开发和发行的图像处理软件,主要处理以像素所构成的数字图像。使用其众多的编修与绘图工具,可以有效地进行图片编辑工作。ps有很多功能,在图像、图形、文字、视频、出版等各方面都有涉及。


Are you looking for want to transform a amazing effect of “Frost Photoshop Action” from any photos/image with one click? This is amazing and time saving.

Easy to use and Unlimited result. Work with any image.

This pack includes “Frost Photoshop Action” layer action for any image. All the instructions are in the User Guide.text file included

Product Detail :

1 Click Action

Unlimited result

Organize layers

Easy Install

User Guide

Easy Customizable

No photoshop skill required