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本合集是关于10组CGAxis出品高品质室内家居设计场景3D模型合集,大小:5.2 GB,格式:max,c4d,mtl,obj,fbx,jpg,包含10组高品质室内家居设计场景3D模型文件与贴图文件,供广大设计师学习使用。


CGAxis 3D Interiors Volume 3 is a collection of 10 highly detailed interiors with textures, materials, lighting and rendering setup for 3ds max 2011 with V-Ray and Cinema 4D R15 with V-Ray.CGAxis 3D Interiors 03 01:

Desk scene with a notebook and more other electronic devices. There is also a desk lamp, cup of coffee and some flowers in jars on it. On the wall are three pictures in frames. Total polygon count: 1553481. File size: 185MB

3D Desk Scene

CGAxis 3D Interiors 03 02:

Living room scene with leather lounge chair, round leather sofa and a small coffee table with some books. In the back is large black window with a white blind and four pictures in frames. Total polygon count: 1081071. File size: 145MB

CGAxis 3D Interiors 03 03:

Desk scene with a tablet with keyboard and a graphic tablet. There are also some other electronic devices and some desk utensils. Total polygon count: 1159899. File size: 186MB.

White Desk 3D Scene

CGAxis 3D Interiors 03 04:

Home office scene with modern looking wooden desk and red swivel chair. In the back is red armchair with white coffee table. Total polygon count: 5199894. File size: 521MB.

Home Office 3D Scene

CGAxis 3D Interiors 03 05:

Living room scene with some scandinavian furniture: grey fabric sofa, wooden coffee table, and one simple chair. There is also a large industrial looking ceiling lamp and small wire coffee table near the sofa. Total polygon count: 792738. File size: 167MB.

Scandinavian Living Room 3D Scene

CGAxis 3D Interiors 03 06:

Living room scene with large windows and modern ceiling lamp. In this scene are lot of scandinavian furniture: sofa, lounge chair, rocking chair. All in light blue colors. Total polygon count: 5351953. File size: 462MB.

Grey Living Room 3D Scene

CGAxis 3D Interiors 03 07:

Close-up scene of living room coffee table with a lot of decorations. In the back is a sofa and a set of various pictures. Total polygon count: 2195443. File size: 255MB.

Close-up 3D Scene

CGAxis 3D Interiors 03 08:

Bathroom scene with grey and white tiles. There is also a bath, bidet, toilet and a large shelf with two washbasins. Total polygon count: 880155. File size: 110MB.

Bathroom 3D Scene

CGAxis 3D Interiors 03 09:

Kitchen scene with furniture with dark wooden fronts. In the front is a kitchen island with fruits and buns and cooking jars. Total polygon count: 1619988. File size: 305MB.

Kitchen 3D Scene

CGAxis 3D Interiors 03 10:

Bar scene with a bartenter table some stools, bar equipement and a lot of various liquirs. Total polygon count: 4921527. File size: 314MB.

Bar 3D Scene

Images showed above are rendered with 3ds max and V-Ray with some post-producion added. Final renders in Cinema 4D may be slightly different.


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