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本教程是关于Maya逼真角色面部身体服装建模训练视频教程第一季,时长:5小时40分,大小:3.3 GB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Maya,共51个章节,作者:Nalini Kanta Jena,语言:英语。

Maya参与制作的电影有:法国国宝级艺术家Jean Giraud,他原创的影片有《第五元素》、《异形》、《星战》等,并参与制作了《沙丘魔堡》、《深渊》等经典科幻电影;导演Glenn Chaika,著名动画片导演,曾在迪斯尼担任《小美人鱼》的动画师,并执导《拇指仙童历险记》、《花木兰II》等影片;模型监制Wayne Kennedy是曾参与过《隐形人》、《星球大战》、《龙卷风》、《黑衣人》、《木乃伊》的模型师;动画监制Bob Koch和Kelvin Lee是担任《 玩具总动员》、《精灵鼠小弟》等影片的资深动画师;特效指导Manny Wong曾担任《后天》的特效总监,并参与制作了《狂莽之灾I》、《星河战舰》、《巨蟒》、《魔女游戏》等影片。

Hello, Welcome to Realistic Character Modeling For Game part 01- Base Mesh Modeling in Maya course.If you are a beginner student who wants to learn 3d character modeling. Then you have come to the right course. In this Course you will learn Maya modeling by doing the character, Clothing and Hustler.These topics are coveredMaya BasicsBody ModelingFace ModelingClothing ModelingMany Modeling Tips and TricksMy Name is Nalini Kanta Jena, I am a 3d artist and Educator. I have been doing this since 2008. Prior to that I had my B.F.A degree in Art. So in this course I will teach you some cool modeling process I have learn over the years.So let’s start the class and if you have any doubt during the class then ask in the discussion tab of the course. I will come back to you with an answer.