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本插件是关于Twixtor Pro变速特效AE与PR插件V7.1.0 Win与Mac版,大小:70 MB,支持AE与PR软件,支持Win与MAC系统,语言:英语。

Twixtor是一款运行在Premiere/After Effects等软件平台上的变速插件,我们习惯的称之为变速插件。



视频预览:Intelligently slow down or speed up your image sequences with visually stunning results. Twixtor uses optical flow tracking on 360 footage taking into account the connectedness of the left and right sides of the 360 video, as well as the top and bottom. World class motion estimationTwixtor is more accurate and exhibits fewer artifacts when there are objects crossing in the scene. This means less tearing and stretching of objects as they cross or go out of the frame.

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