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本软件是关于Marmoset Toolbag八猴模型渲染引擎V3.0.4 Win版,大小:290 MB,支持Win64位系统,语言:英语。

Marmoset Toolbag是8Monkey公司旗下用来展示游戏模型效果的工具包,Toolbag是一个实时的材料编辑和演示工具,Marmoset是8monkey公司所拥有的游戏引擎和工具集合的总称,而这款Marmoset Toolbag是他们推出的软件,该软件的主要特征功能是可以进行实时模型观察、材质编辑和动画预览,它能给游戏艺术家提供一个快速、简单、实用的应用平台来为其余人展示他们的辛勤劳动成果。

Marmoset Toolbag基础核心技术训练视频教程 中文字幕教程:视频预览:The highly anticipated third version of Marmoset Toolbag is now available for Mac and Windows! We’ve been working diligently to make sure that Toolbag 3 exceeds expectations. Check out some of the key features in the video below.Long Live the King: The third release of Toolbag, our real-time rendering suite, ushers forth a new standard in image quality. A slew of exciting new features ensure that you’re able to tackle any challenge, while our modular shaders and responsive scene editor empower you to work at the speed of light.IN MOTION: From previewing run and jump cycles to staging an epic short film, our new animation tools will bring your cinematic vision to life. Enjoy entirely new systems for importing and keyframing meshes, lights, cameras, post effects, and more.LIGHT IT UP: Global illumination teams up with exceptional image-based lighting to provide awesome occlusion, beautifully bounced light, and spectacular reflections. Toolbag’s lighting tools are now better than ever.BAKED GOODS: Our artist-friendly baking tools provide the instant feedback needed to revolutionize your texturing workflow. Real-time updates, bake groups and interactive 3D painting makes baking a piece of cake. Check out the Toolbag Baking Tutorial to learn more.PRINCE OF PORTFOLIOS: Create impressive images with our refreshed renderer, vibrant videos with our new animation tools, and tantalizing WebGL presentations with Marmoset Viewer.TAKE A SHOT: From look-dev to final presentation, our physically accurate renderer makes it easy to create gob-smacking promotional material for your game, film, or product launch.PRODUCTION WIZARD: Toolbag makes getting to work easier than ever with Unity and Unreal Engine export. Share your art with the world by blasting off renders and Marmoset Viewer scenes directly to ArtStation.CUSTOM FIT: Tailor Toolbag to your pipeline with Python plugin and custom shader support. Extend Toolbag’s functionality with scripts that automate common tasks and add new features. Bespoke shaders enable you to match the look of your project or create new effects. Not the technical type? Download shaders and plugins from our Add-on Library.Individuals: Designed with the artist in mind, our ease of use and superb image quality ensure your work is shown in the best light.Studios: Instant iteration, standardized shaders, and incredible customization make Toolbag an essential part of your pipeline.Schools: Toolbag’s straightforward, physically- based workflow will get your students up to speed in no time.Marmoset Toolbag基础核心技术训练视频教程 中文字幕教程:

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