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本教程是由Digital-Tutors机构最新出品的Photoshop CS5 数字绘画混合纹理提高教程,时长:1小时32分,附工程源文件(281M),使用软件:Photoshop CS5,作者:Eddie Russell,官方发布时间:2011年12月23日。

Photoshop是Adobe公司旗下最为出名的图像处理软件之一,集图像扫描、编辑修改、图像制作、广告创意,图像输入与输出于一体的图形图像处理软件,深受广大平面设计人员和电脑美术爱好者的喜爱。CS5加入了全面改进后的高清视频渲染引擎Mercury,尤其是其视频处理软件Premiere Pro。Mercury可以利用显卡的图形处理能力加速对高清格式视频的编解码和播放,当然不是所有的显卡,由于和NVIDIA之前达成的协议,Mercury只 支持NVIDIA的显卡。

Digital-Tutors Using Texture to Enhance Digital Paintings in Photoshop CS5 In this tutorial we will learn several different techniques for adding texture to our digital paintings in Photoshop. Texture and surface detail is one area that is often overlooked by digital painters. By strategically implementing texture in your digital paintings, you can not only raise the quality of the image but also the level of realism. With this course we’ll get started by diving into Photoshop’s brushes. We’ll learn how we can create and configure our own custom brushes to paint texture. From here we’ll learn how to create our own patterns and several of the areas where these patterns can be utilized. Next we’ll look at some ways that we can bring images into our paintings, layering them over areas to create texture with the help of blend modes. Finally, we’ll learn a few methods of making our two dimensional textures appear to wrap around the three dimensional forms of our painting. After completing this course, you’ll be well equipped to begin experimenting with texture in your own digital paintings.


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