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本教程是由Digital Tutors出品的ZBrush头部五官雕刻技巧教程。

We will be creating this character entirely within ZBrush, so we will begin by using ZSpheres to create the base mesh for the head and upper torso. From there, we will be going through the process of reshaping and detailing facial features, and in doing so, we will be placing special emphasis on important topics such as proper facial proportions, understanding the importance and function of key facial muscles, understanding the effects of aging on the human face, and making sure we incorporate all of these critical concepts into our final character. We will also use a variety of tools and techniques within ZBrush to create several articles of clothing for our character.

1. Introduction and Project Overview

2. Creating a ZSphere base mesh for the head

3. Shaping the base mesh of the head

4. "Creating edge loops for the eyes, nose, and mouth"

5. Reshaping newly-added edge loops

6. Blocking in the nose and mouth shapes

7. Continuing with the rough shape of the nose

8. Adding nasolabial folds to the face

9. Refining the nasolabial folds

10. Adding rough detail to the mouth area

11. Refining the shape of the nose and nostrils

12. Adding the eyes to our character

13. Refining the shape of the eyelids

14. Adding volume to the cheeks and brows

15. Extruding the shapes for the ears

16. Adding rough refinement to the ears

17. Adding medium-level refinement to the ears

18. Finalizing the ears

19. Adding bags under the eyes

20. Shaping the jowls of the character

21. Adding medium-level resolution to the mouth area

22. Building the collar for the character's shirt

23. Building the base mesh for the suit jacket

24. Adding the lapels to the suit jacket

25. Adding medium-level detail to the neck area

26. Adding major wrinkle lines to the face

27. Adding medium-level details around the eyes

28. Splitting the head and torso into separate subtools

29. Adding higher-level details to the eyes and eyelids

30. Introducing wrinkles into the forehead area

31. Sculpting the major wrinkle lines into the neck

32. Adding higher-level details to the mouth and chin areas

33. Adding fine-detail wrinkles to the face and neck

34. Detailing the lips of our character

35. Sculpting the eyebrows

36. Adding a combed hairstyle to our character

37. Sculpting and shaping the knot for a necktie

38. Creating the hanging portion of the necktie

39. Sculpting final details into our character's clothing

40. Adding asymmetry to the facial details


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