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AnimDessin2 Script - Photoshop CC

该工具专为Photoshop CC准备。它允许您通过图像绘制动画帧,简化了流程。它也可以让你测试影片,并设置关键帧的时间...

This panel is designed for Photoshop CC. It allows you to draw

animations frame-by-image, simplifying the process. it also lets you

test the movie and set the duration of a keyframe…


Just let the extension manager that came with cc update, login with your

username(free account) and skip all the steps it wants you to go

through and you get message saying animdessin is installed.


Actually, with the extension manager for cc, you can access all the

extensions that you want. I added animcoulor and it installed

automatically. Just make sure you don't let license manager connect.

Much better than cs6 which you couldn't access extensions if the license

manager was blocked.

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发布日期: 2015-4-9