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RM Creative Stylus II 2 in 1

新的巨大的ps笔刷包(500+ photoshop笔刷预设!)革命性的替代默认PS笔刷包。我们结合了我们所有的专业艺术家和数字技术的体验,让你直接在photoshop CS3及以上版本绘制的笔刷。





New huge (500+ total brush presets!!) revolutional brush replacement for default photoshop brushes. We had combined all our experience of professional artists and digital technologies experience to let you draw directly in Photoshop CS3 and above Series with nice back pressure reaction as well as with the most expencive and qualitive tools.

Use for:

Fast Sketch and concept creation

Photo retouching

Painting and making artistic effects with stylus both with digital and naturalistic technique. (2 in 1 bundle)

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发布日期: 2015-10-28