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Cineversity CV-VRCAM 1.50 WIN/MAC

C4D VR虚拟现实全景渲染插件,渲染Cinema 4D虚拟现实影片。

Render Virtual Reality Videos with Cinema 4D

Virtual Reality is a great way to visualize your 3D projects, especially

environments. Pre-rendered VR videos can be rendered, composited and

edited much like a regular 2D or 3D video. These videos can be

distributed via YouTube VR or Facebook and viewed with a smartphone and

inexpensive Google Cardboard headset.

In this tutorial series, you'll learn how to create VR content for

YouTube or Facebook in MAXON's Cinema 4D, using a Cineversity-exclusive

plugin with the Advanced or Physical Render or rendering directly using

Octane for Cinema 4D. You?ll learn a bit of VR theory and important

design considerations when creating pre-rendered VR content.

Get ready to dive in to virtual reality with YouTube VR and Cinema 4D.

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发布日期: 2016-10-25