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Enrich - Addon for Visual Compositing in Blender


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Enrich is an add-on designed for post-production (compositing) in

Blender. It minimizes the trouble of setting up of the nodes, and allows

you to experience the fastest and the most creative way of compositing

in Blender. Enrich removes the burden of fiddling with nodes and

changing values manually. Instead of setting the nodes on your own, the

add-on does it for you and provides you with all the useful controls you

would need.

Enrich add-on comes with presets, which are like predefined setups to

use it in your render. In a click, you can select it, see the live

update, and try out the other. The Enrich presets are really well

designed with all the popular color effects which are used by everyone!

Not only it comes with default presets, it has a system of allowing you

to install your own presets in the add-on

发布日期: 2016-10-26