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Gumroad - Icom Urban Decay Shaders

Urban Decay Shader Pack包含600个高质量纹理预设,添加了对每个艺术家的图形库都至关重要的城市,工业和硬表面样式材质。

尽管该包包含超过600个着色器预设,专为Adobe After Effects的Video Copilot的Element 3D插件而设计,但所有纹理贴图(漫反射,正常,高光和AO)均可轻松用于任何其他3D应用程序。

The Urban Decay Shader Pack is a collection of 600 high quality texture presets that add those urban, industrial, and hard surface style material sets that are essential to every artist’s graphical arsenal.

Although the pack contains over 600 shader presets that are designed for Video Copilot’s Element 3D plug in for Adobe After Effects, all the texture maps (Diffuse, Normal, Specular, and AO) can easily be used in any other 3D application.

Almost all the shaders come with dirt maps as part of the preset so that with a toggle of a check box in Element 3D you the artist can give your clean texture a dirty and grungy appearance with the flexibility to dial in how much dirt you need. This effectively doubles the number of shaders that come in this pack.

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发布日期: 2017-11-7