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Faceshop v7.02 and v8 upgrade

为DAZ Studio, Poser和其他软件创建脸部模型,FaceShop 8既是一个插件也是一个强大的独立的应用程序,让您从您有的照片创造出独特的三维头部图像。

Create face morphs for DAZ Studio, Poser and other applications based  on your favorite people! FaceShop 8 is both a Studio plugin and a  powerful stand-alone application that lets you create a unique 3D head  from any photo you have.

Recreate your favorite celebrities, family, or friends from a single  photograph through patented technology which actually recreates the  original camera angle for accuracy. FaceShop 8 is Studio 4.5 compliant and works with Genesis Figures (M5,  V5, Basic Child, etc.). FaceShop 8EZ is a full-fledged face generator  with many tools and features not found in other applications. EZ mode  works with just a few dots on V5, M5, Basic Child, M4, V4, David,  Stephanie and Genesis. Now with Beard/Scars/Tattoo!

8 reasons to buy Faceshop 8:

NEW - Beard/Scars/Tattoo

NEW - Auto-caricature feature

NEW - Works with DAZ Studio 4.5 as a plugin

NEW - Supports Genesis figures

Add/Take away age and weight

Use a single photo to create 3D heads

Supports Poser (6, 7, 8, 9 10 etc).

Exports OBJ to most 3D applications (Maya, 3D Studio, etc).

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