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turbosquid - Oil Rig Dual Crane

TurboSquid  - 海上石油双起重机钻机

双体起重船,中/多边形模型, 3d模型适合视频游戏或工业建筑效果图,完整的材质和贴图,纹理大多数情况下是2048×2048或1024×1024 ,包括所有的船只起重机元素,如: 润滑油桶,油罐,汽油罐,crains,直升机, 直升机停机坪,救生艇..等等..

Dual Crane Vessel ,Medium / Polygon, model collection.

Suitable 3d model collection for video games or perfect data for industrial-architecture renderings.

Fully textured 3ds model.

Ready to render as preview thumbnails.(Light settings are included for 3dsMAX format)

Textures are various sized and some of them multiple.(Mostly, 2048x2048 or 1024x1024 images)

Included all vessel crane elements ,like:

Oil barrels,oil tanks,gasoline tanks,crains,helicopter,

helipad,life boat..etc...

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