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Video Copilot Element 3D 软件和模型资源包。

Video Copilot Element 3D v1.6.1 Win X32 X64 & 3D Model Packs:

Fresh Food - 食物

Money Casino - 钱币

Metropolitan - 大都会

Motion Design - 动画设计包

Projectile Weapons - 武器模型包

Pro Shaders - 专业材质包

Sound Music - 声音素材包

Sports - 运动器材包

FMK JetStrike - 战斗机

Element 3D 1.6.2 win mac

Element Win Full

Element 3D Pack mac

E3D Pack Win&Mac,包括:

Pro Shaders2

Back Light

Motion Design2

Element win

Element 2.07 mac

Element 3D v2.2 mac update

Element 3D v2.2.02100 win

VideoCopilot Element 3D v2.2.1.2125 CE

VideoCopilot Element 3D v2.2.1.2125 win

Videocopilot Element 3D v2.2.2.2140 CE Plugin for AE

Element 3D is a third-party  plugin that allows actual 3D models to  be  created from scratch or  exported to Adobe After Effects, and  rendered  and composited at a high  level of quality and impressive  speed.

Element 3D是一个第三方插件,允许三维模型导出到到Adobe After Effects,然后渲染和合成,质量和速度令人惊叹。

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发布日期: 2014-10-24