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Viz-People - 3D Fabrics

Viz-People - 三维织物提供80套非常高精度的的3D织物模型。

3D布料专为在3ds Max中制作建筑可视化效果准备。

这个集合包含:夹克 ,恤衫,裤子,鞋子,衣服,服装,外套,靠垫,床,窗帘,窗帘布料,毛巾等模型。


Viz-People 3D Fabrics delivers 80 highly detailed 3d models of textiles in various forms.

3D Fabrics is designed for architectural visualizations made in 3ds MAX.  Viz-People provides royalty free 3d models our libraries can be used as  part of commercial pictures & designs at no extra charge.

This collection contains:










Available formats

.max (3ds Max 2010 + Vray 1.5) 5.0GB

.fbx (Without shaders and textures) 4.7GB

.obj (Without shaders and textures) 2.3GB

We are proud to present our latest, most sophisticated 3d Textile  collection. Result of hundreds working hours that brings to live  stunning collection of 80 beautiful 3d models.

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发布日期: 2014-4-26