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PS插件-自定义区域发光真实辉光插件 Oniric Glow Generator for Photoshop Win/Mac + 使用教程2020/09/25 22:06

分类:Mac 专区/Photoshop/软件/插件非常棒的一款发光PS插件,它使用与真实灯光衰减相同的平方反比定律来创建非常平滑的灯光效果。




Generate bloom effect is one of the two core features of Oniric. It uses the inverse square law same as real light falloff does to create very smooth light transitions. Combined with our algorithms it works amazing with the “colorize” feature. Whe you hit the “apply” button, Oniric renders the bloom in 16bit so you don’t have to worry about banding. HOME –支持Win/Mac系统:Photoshop CC 2018 -2020 或更高版

发布日期: 2020-09-25