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每周学习一个3D图形新技能C4D教程(英文字幕)更新至93集 Cinema 4D Weekly2021/10/09 22:03

分类:C4D教程/Cinema 4D想要将 3D 添加到您的专业技能中?在这个每周系列中,跟着EJ Hassenfratz大神一起学习C4D,他将分享使用Cinema 4D提升您的3D技能的技巧、技巧和策略,Cinema 4D是动态图形艺术家和设计师的必备工具。


In this weekly series, join EJ Hassenfratz as he shares tips, techniques, and strategies for boosting your 3D skills with Cinema 4D, the essential tool for motion graphics artists and designers.

Learn how to enhance your designs—and streamline your overall workflow—with these helpful tactics.

Tune in every Thursday for a new tip.

发布日期: 2021-10-09