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在Maya和 Mudbox 3D 打印技术建设一架玩具飞机的图片1

Building a Toy Plane for 3D Printing in Maya and Mudbox

6h 5m | Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x720 30fps | Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, 1 ch | 2.83 GB

Genre: eLearning | Language; English

In this Maya and Mudbox tutorial, we'll learn how to create a mesh that will be ready for 3D printing.

We'll use a deceptively simple exercise and create an assemble-able model of a 1930s GeeBee Racer. We'll start by creating pieces that fit into slots in the individual pieces of the model. Then we'll animate those pieces to assemble over a 15-second animation. Along the way, we'll delve into some tools and concepts in Maya such as the Multi-Cut tool, Target Weld and the Shrinkwrap command.

By the end of this Maya and Mudbox training, you'll have a prepared model ready to print on the Form +1 printer using their PreForm software.

在玛雅和 Mudbox 3D 打印技术建设一架玩具飞机

6 h 5 m |视频: h264、 yuv420p、 1280 × 720 30 帧/秒 |音频: aac,44100 Hz,1 ch|2.83 GB

类型: 电子学习 |语言;英语

在这个玛雅和 Mudbox 的教程中,我们将学习如何创建将准备 3D 打印技术的网格。

我们会使用一个看似简单的练习并创建一个上世纪 30 年代 GeeBee 赛车装配能模型。我们先来创建你的作品放入插槽中模型的各个部分。然后我们会对那些件组装 15 秒动画进行动画处理。一路走来,我们将深入探讨一些工具和玛雅人的多功能切块的工具、 目标焊缝和拆封命令等概念。

年底这玛雅和 Mudbox 的训练,你得准备的模型准备使用他们的预制件软件的形式 + 1 打印机上打印。