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AUDIOSTRiKE 2015/11/10 |575 MB


它包含超过 880 mb 的循环 5 工程成套和样品从坏蛋低音贝斯柔和,带领 Synth 精力充沛,强大鼓,粉碎 Kickdrums,色调与噪声 FX 和更多。

此包需要从不同的艺术家,像时髦的曲调、 硬岩沙发、 Amersy 和更多的影响。

当然大多数的声音都有作为干、 湿的有或无侧链给你最大的保证。


AUDIOSTRiKE 11/10/2015 | 575 MB

„Bassline Madness Vol.1“ is the latest output of Engineering Samples.

It contains 5 Construction Kits with over 880 MB of Loops and Samples from badass Basslines, energetic Lead Synths, powerful Drums, smashing Kickdrums, tonal & Noise FX and much more.

This pack takes influence from diverse Artists like Swanky Tunes, Hard Rock Sofa, Amersy, and many more.

Of course most of the sounds are available as Dry & Wet and with or without Sidechain to give you maximum flexibilty.

The aim was to deliver a powerful Sampling Pack specially designed for Electro House Producer.