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今天的大片如普罗米修斯,成立以来,黑暗骑士 》,与龙纹身的女孩,以及像 X 档案和银翼经典的配乐的启发,其学分包括音乐 MTV 的热门的真人秀节目鲶鱼的田径明星作曲家 zenzen(丹尼斯 · 弗兰科饰) 提供怪异的环境音景这全面的收藏。

16 工程成套此库挤满了精致垫、 膨胀和纹理精心编制由 zenzen 和他收集大量的硬件音源:罗兰 JD 800,罗兰 JD 990,罗兰合资公司-1080年、 罗兰合资公司-2080年、 罗兰 XV 5080、 音色、 Korg Wavestation EX、 Korg MS-2000年,病毒 TI、 Oberheim OB12、 创新 KS4、 创新 K 站、 卡西欧 CZ3000、 华尔道夫我们,莱科 MachineDrum 只,仅举几例。

包含在每个工具包是鼓声轨道文件夹和鼓击中。鼓套件的每个元素分解成单独的循环来完全控制的打回给你。超过 3.5 gb 的总含量 (1.49 GB 的原始 WAV 文件) 所有样品最高 24 位的质量记录,并完全切断以快速、 方便地适应任何生产。

是否需要的是几层和声音将维度添加到现有的轨道或充分的作品为电影或电视项目,奇异将丰富音乐主管、 音乐编辑、 生产商、 工程师和 Dj 的 soundbank。

-3.55 GB 的总含量 (1.49 GB 的原始 WAV 文件)

-510 酸化的 WAV 文件

-510 苹果循环

-432 REX2 文件

-16 工程成套

Inspired by the soundtracks of today's blockbusters such as Prometheus, Inception, The Dark Knight, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, as well as classics like the X Files and Blade Runner, Track Star composer zenzen (Dennis Franco) whose credits includes music for MTV's hit reality show Catfish offers this comprehensive collection of eerie ambient soundscapes.

This library of 16 construction kits is packed with exquisite pads, swells and textures meticulously programmed by zenzen and his enormous collection of hardware synths: Roland JD-800, Roland JD-990, Roland JV-1080, Roland JV-2080, Roland XV-5080, Korg Triton, Korg Wavestation EX, Korg MS-2000, Virus TI, Oberheim OB12, Novation KS4, Novation K Station, Casio CZ3000, Waldorf Blofeld, Elektron MachineDrum just to name a few.

Included in each kit is a folder of Drum tracks, and Drum hits. Each element of the drum kit is broken down into separate loops to give complete control of the beat back to you. With over 3.5 GB of total content (1.49 GB of original WAV files) All samples are recorded in the highest 24-bit quality and cut perfectly to fit quickly and easily into any production.

Whether the need is a few layers and sounds to add dimension to an existing track or a full composition for a film or TV project, Paranormal will enrich the soundbank of music supervisors, music editors, producers, engineers and DJs.

- 3.55 GB of total content (1.49 GB of original WAV files)

- 510 acidized WAV files

- 510 Apple Loops

- 432 REX2 files

- 16 construction kits