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The Gnomon Workshop Drawing the Figure 1-2 with Jack Bosson

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Jack has been a practicing and exhibiting fine artist and freelance illustrator for over 35 years. He has taught drawing and painting at Cornell University, College of New Rochelle, University of Southern California, Otis College of Art and Design, Gnomon School of Visual Effects, and Woodbury University, to name a few institutions. He did background painting briefly at Hanna-Barbera and was hired as a trainer in Feature Animation at Disney in 1995. In 1999, he continued as a training consultant to Disney and taught at various institutions until he was hired to set up an Animation Department at Woodbury University, which he chaired for three years. He retired two years ago after eight years at Woodbury, as Professor Emeritus.


The Gnomon Workshop: Drawing the Figure 1 Capturing the Gesture with Jack Bosson

This lecture is the first of a series on how to approach drawing the human figure. In this series, Jack states that a successful figure drawing must include evidence of three sets of information: gestural, structural, and anatomical; the first being the focus of this particular demonstration. Gesture drawing establishes the unique storytelling and emotional properties of a given pose. It can also be used to map out the essential idea conveyed in the pose. Jack explores rapid-sketch technique, weight distribution, and the rhythm of the body parts as they adjust to the effects of gravity. Key concepts such as "contrapposto", twist, overlapping shapes, and foreshortening are also covered. In short, this lecture will show you how to create a dynamic, lively interpretation of the subject being observed.

The Gnomon Workshop: Drawing the Figure 2 Form and Structure with Jack Bosson

In this second DVD of the Drawing the Figure series, Jack explores the properties of structure. Here, he introduces the basic elements required to create the illusion of 3-Dimensional space and form as they apply to the human figure. By constructing simple forms, exploring overlap and translating the complexity of the human body into its simplest, most basic forms, we can begin to understand the process of converting a 3-Dimensonal, real world form onto a flat, 2-Dimensional surface that an observer can understand. Jack will demonstrate how to see the forms and draw through them without losing the gestural quality described in his first DVD.

Gnomon: 绘制图 1-2 与杰克寶

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杰克一直练习,表现出不错的画家以及自由职业插画家为 35 年。他一直教绘画美国康奈尔大学、 新罗谢尔大学、 南加利福尼亚大学,奥蒂斯艺术学院和设计,Gnomon 学校的视觉效果,和伍德伯里大学,举几个机构。他做背景简要在汉纳巴伯拉的绘画,于1995 年被聘为教练在迪斯尼动画制作。1999 年,他继续作为迪斯尼的培训顾问和在各种机构任教,直到他被聘为成立动画部门在伍德伯里大学,他主持了三年。两年前在伍德伯里,作为荣誉退休教授八年后他退休。


Gnomon: 绘图捕捉与杰克寶手势图 1

这次讲座是第一系列关于如何绘制人类图。在这个系列中,杰克规定一个成功图的绘制必须包括三组信息的证据: 手势、 结构和解剖;首先是这次演示的焦点。手势图建立了独特的故事和情感属性的一个给定的姿势。它也可以用于映射出在这个姿势中传达的基本思想。杰克探索快速草图技术,重量分布和身体部位的节奏调整之际,它们对重力的影响。关键概念,如"理论",麻花,透视和重叠的形状,还涵盖了。总之,这次讲座将显示你如何创建动感、 活泼的解释被观察到的主体。

Gnomon: 绘制图 2 形式和结构与杰克寶

在这第二张 DVD 的绘图图系列,杰克探讨了结构的属性。在这里,他介绍创建 3 维空间和形式的幻觉,如其适用于人体所需的基本元素。通过构建简单的形式,探索重叠和翻译人体成其最简单、 最基本的形式的复杂性,我们可以开始了解转换 3 维、 表面平整、 2 维观察员能明白真实的世界形式的过程。杰克将演示如何看到形式并没有失去他的第一张 DVD 所述的手势质量通过他们画出。