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Big Fish Audio Complete Urban Flava Reloaded WAV | 965 MB

'Complete Urban Flava Reloaded' is back reloaded and better than ever. Released in 2006, 'Complete Urban Flava' is one of the best-selling Urban sample libraries ever released with many of the loops and samples being heard on numerous records available now to purchase as a digital download for the first time ever.

The engineers at So Effective have remixed and re-mastered the best Construction Kits from the original stems to meet today's industry standards.

In total there are 32 Construction Kits with eight brand new chart-ready Construction Kits in modern Urban styles including drum loops, drum hits, ethnic percussion, basses, synths, SFX, keys, guitars, pianos, horns, strings, flutes, sitars and more.

Technical Specifications:

- 24-Bit/44.1khz WAV Audio

- All loops & samples are royalty-free

- 189 Drum Hits


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大鱼音频完整城市黄韧带重新加载 WAV |965 MB

'完全城市黄韧带重装' 是回重装和比以往更好。在 2006 年发布,' 完整城市韧带 '是以往公布的循环和样品被听到许多记录现在可购买作为有史以来第一次的数字下载许多畅销城市样本库之一。


总共有 32 拼装玩具与八个品牌的新图准备工程成套在现代的城市风貌,包括循环鼓、鼓打、 民族打击乐组、 低音、 合成器、 SFX、 键、 吉他、 钢琴、 喇叭、 字符串、 长笛、 琴和更多。


-24 位 / 44.1 khz WAV 音频

-所有循环 & 样品都是免版税

-189 鼓打