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AutoCAD 2014 - 2D Fundamentals

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Learn the necessary commands to get you working on projects.

Learning a complex program like Autodesk AutoCAD can seem like a daunting task at first. I’m here to try and break down the the various functions and tools of this drafting software into its essential and fundamental parts. Luckily for us, a majority of the skills required to use AutoCAD only require you to use a small percentage of the available commands and just a bit of imagination. I’ll first be showing you how to use these fundamental commands to try and get you working in the shortest amount of time possible while trying to distill useful tricks of the trade. This course will help guide your learning through exercises, supplemental documents, and video instruction.

AutoCAD 2014 年-2D 基本面

MP4 |视频: 960 x 720 |56 kbps |44 kHz |持续时间: 6 小时 |803 MB

类型: 电子学习 |语言: 英语


学习复杂的程序,像 Autodesk AutoCAD 可以看起来像一个艰巨的任务,在第一次。我在这里,试图打破的各种功能和成基本部分此起草软件工具。幸运的是对于我们来说,需使用AutoCAD 的技能绝大多数只要求您使用可用的命令和刚刚有点想象力的一小部分。我会首先会向您展示如何使用这些基本的命令来尝试并获得你的工作在最短的时间可能在试图提取有用的诀窍。本课程将帮助指导你通过练习、 补充文档和视频教学的学习。