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Mastercam X9 的第一个升级补丁,需先安装:

Mastercam X9 v18.0.11898.0 Eng x64

Mastercam X9 v18.0.11898.10 for SolidWorks 2010-2015 x64

Mastercam X9 Update1 | 2.4 Gb

CNC Software, Inc., a developer and provider PC-based software tools for CAD/CAM manufacturing markets, announces update the release of Mastercam X9. This release brings a new suite of programming tools focused on delivering speed, automation, and efficiency for all machining jobs.

What's fixed in Update1:

Mastercam X9 Update1 specific Issues Addressed

- Radial chip thinning factor (RCTF) changes the FPT, feed, and speed

- Update All option not updating feed and speed

- Invalid radius condition on chamfer mill

- Moving entity blanks geometry instead of deleting it

- Xform functions not creating new geometry

- ATP only processes one operation per level

- ATP custom cut list fails without front/back identifiers in file names

- Extruding and analyzing solids error

- Switching WCS on toolpaths used in Nesting causes error

- NCI not updated after changes in Plane Manager

- Multiaxis linking move inverts tool

- Locking four-axis toolpath around X-axis rotates around Y-axis

- Mill-Turn machine deactivates some CAD functionality

- Files with many tools/operations delay opening of Toolpath parameter page

- Copying a tool not marking operation dirty

- Mastercam start-up issues for some OS/processor combinations

Mastercam X9 Update1 for SolidWorks specific Issues Addressed

- Toolpaths marked dirty after frequent associativity checks

- Stock Flip flips solid body in wrong direction

- Loop flip not working on containment selections

- FBM Drill hole direction arrows and circles not displaying properly

- SpacePilot and other 3Dconnexion device errors

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About CNC Software, Inc.

CNC Software, Inc. provides PC-based software tools for CAD/CAM manufacturing markets. It offers design tools, such as Mastercam Design, a streamlined 3D CAD software that is included in various Mastercam CAM packages; and Mastercam Solids, an add-on that lets users create, import, and machine solid models. The company also provides Mastercam Mill, a programming package for 2, 3, 4, and 5-axis milling; Mastercam Lathe, a CNC programming system for simple to complex turning; Mastercam Router, a CAD/CAM system for routers; Mastercam Wire for wire EDM programming; Mastercam Art that allows to design and machine 3D work from flat art, drawings, and photographs; Mastercam Maintenance services; and Mastercam add-ins. In addition, it offers technical support and online corporate training services. The company serves mold making, automotive, aerospace, educational, jewelry, medical, military, music, production shop, prototyping, racing, sporting goods, tools and dies, transportation, woodworking, and consumer industries worldwide. It sells its products through a network of dealers and authorized resellers. The company was founded in 1983 and is based in Tolland, Connecticut.

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Name: Mastercam and Mastercam for SolidWorks

Version: (64bit) X9 Build 18.0.14020.0 and (64bit) X9 Build 18.0.14020.10

Interface: english

OS: Windows 7even / 8 / 8.1

System Requirements: SolidWorks 2010-2015 (for Mastercam X9 for SolidWorks)

Size: 2.4 Gb