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Dynamic Figure Drawing Hands and Feet的图片1

Dynamic Figure Drawing Hands and Feet

FLV | Video: AVC 856x480 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 1 Hours 41M | 1.31 GB

Genre: eLearning | Language: English

In this DVD, David Finch reveals his step-by-step process for drawing hands and feet. He starts with simple block shapes, and moves on to more complex shapes before showing how to place fingers and toes correctly. David discusses common mistakes and how to avoid them.

He covers fingers and toes in detail, demonstrating how to draw them flat and in foreshortened perspective from multiple angles. He demonstrates some easy shortcuts and tricks, including use of negative space and dynamic folding between the fingers and thumb. Lastly, he draws completed hands and feet from multiple angles, covering the differences between male and female hands and subjects such as drawing claws, fingernail details and shoes. This constructive drawing process teaches you to draw convincing hands and feet without the need for tracing or using reference.

Dynamic Figure Drawing Hands and Feet的图片2

动态图绘制 ︰ 手和脚

FLV |视频 ︰ AVC 856 x 480 |音频 ︰ AAC 44 KHz 2 通道 |持续时间 ︰ 1 小时 41 M|1.31 GB

类型 ︰ 电子学习 |语言 ︰ 英语

在这张 DVD,David 芬奇,显示了他为绘图的手和脚的分步过程。他开始与简单块形状,显示如何放置手指前转移到更复杂的形状和脚趾正确。David 讨论常见的错误以及如何避免它们。