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Creating WordPress Membership Sites Using s2Member

Duration: 4.5h | Video: AVC (.MP4) 1280x720 30fps | Audio: AAC 44.1KHz 2ch | 1.24GB

Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Learn to configure the FREE s2Member Framework plugin along with other zero cost apps to make a secure & powerful site.

Discover how to put the FREE s2Member plugin to work for you with my video course on creating a WordPress Membership Site Using s2Member & other no-cost plugins.

Enjoy the benefits of knowing you have a secure, powerful & scalable WP Membership site after you have completed this course.

You will discover frustration-free code setup for the S2Member plugin. I show you step-by-step PLUS give you copy & paste code snippets.

Watch me -> Copy -> Paste -> Done!

You'll learn how to create custom fixed-term PayPal buttons.

How to prepare your WordPress site for the S2Member plugin.

How to connect your s2Member site with Amazon S3 & CloudFront for added speed & security.

and much more.

You want to create a WordPress membership site...

But you are not sure how to properly set things up.

You want a powerful and secure membership script that works with WordPress...

But you are not made of money so it cannot cost a fortune.

s2Member is a WordPress plugin – It is FREE – It's Powerful & Secure...

But is is so feature rich that all those bells & whistles are too difficult to setup.

This course on making WordPress Membership sites using the FREE s2Member Framework plugin and other FREE WordPress plugins is your answer.

→ No more reading the sleep-inducing blog posts that claim to have all the answers.

→ No more wading through ancient YouTube videos trying to figure things out.

These s2Member Training videos are brand new (2015) and you can get a feel for the audio and video quality by checking out the Free Preview on Lecture 1.

I’ve been using s2Member in a few of my WordPress sites since late 2011 but only the basics of s2Member.

I just never found the time to dive in and learn how to get more out of s2Member than just the basic settings.

One of my long-time Customers kept asking me about doing a set of training videos on creating a WordPress Membership site & several months ago I finally had the time.

So over the last 4 to 5 months I’ve been learning how to squeeze more out of an s2Member site than just putting up secured post and pages & PayPal buttons.

I knew s2Member had a lot to offer but my goodness, I was like a kid in a candy store with everything I was learning about s2Member.


Not only is it FREE but you also get the source code to the plugin, meaning if you are a programmer or you know one, you can customize the code to make it do whatever your imagination can come up with.

You might be surprised to learn some people have done just that and charge upwards of $300 for what they created from the s2Member Framework source code.

Now I’m NOT A PROGRAMER so these s2Member training videos are GEEK-SPEAK-FREE Video Guides.

These videos are over the shoulder style videos that allow you to see me doing the actions – not just talk about them. That along with the included exclusive copy & paste templates and code snippets your task of building an S2Member powered WordPress site just got a lot easier.

One of my pet-peeves with some of the other training videos, is they assume you already know this or that about the topic and a gaping hole is left in your training if you ARE NOT 'in the know'.

When I make my training videos I assume you are brand new to the topic so I focus on leaving no technical stone unturned.

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If you are brand new to WordPress & s2Member then you will be able to follow along easily and just do as I do.

If you are NOT NEW to WordPress and / or S2Member but simply want to learn more, then some of this will already be familiar & you will move along even quicker to creating your own Powerful & Secure S2Member Membership site.

The first lecture is an introduction video to the series. It lays out a brief description of each video.

If you have not yet installed and setup your WordPress site then I suggest you start at the bottom of the Lectures where my Bonus Lectures are.

I have included some basic WordPress install & setup videos in the Bonus section at the bottom of the page.

Start there then come on back to lecture 2 and move on from there.

You may be tempted to jump around the different lectures but they are put together in progression so I suggest you stick to the numbers & go in order.

But hey, you have lifetime access so you can always come back and re-watch them however many times you need.

There is no time like the present to create your own powerful & secure S2Member powered WordPress site and this course will get you there – GUARANTEED!

What are the requirements?

Domain Name + Hosting Account (eg: Liquid Web, Blue Host...)

Self-Hosted WordPress Site (The Bonus videos will show you how to install & setup your WordPress site)

PayPal Business Account (It is the Free one. If you only have a Personal Account you can convert it for Free)

Amazon AWS Account (Optional)

JVZoo Account (Optional)

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 44 lectures and 4.5 hours of content!

Use The FREE s2Member Plugin To Create A WordPress Membership Site

Create A Drip Fed, Fixed Term Multi-Level Membership Site With S2Member

Configure S2Member With Amazon S3 & CloudFront

How To Setup A Secure & Responsive Video Player Within S2Member

How To Use Custom Capabilities (Copy & Paste Codes Included)

Customize The Access Denied Page With Dynamic Content

Customize The WordPress Login and Registration Form

How To Use (& When To Use) Shortcode Conditionals

Bonus: How To Setup & Use The PayPal Sandbox For Testing Payments

Bonus: How To Install, Setup, Cleanup & Backup WordPress

What is the target audience?

This course demonstrates the FREE S2Member Framework plugin NOT the Pro version of S2Member

This S2Member Powered WordPress Membership Site course is meant for businesses and individuals that want to learn how to create a feature rich WordPress Membership site using only FREE plugins