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UTS和SMI宣布推出先进的弹簧设计(ASD)7。 ASD 7满足您的需求,在一个程序中包括各种弹簧类型:压缩,扩展,扭转,螺旋,恒力,垫圈,梁和卡环。 该方案结合了专业工程技术与TK求解的协作环境中创建自定义的计算来帮你设计质量弹簧。

ASD简化了多种类型的压缩,扩展,扭转,螺旋和梁弹簧的设计。 它结合了以前的SMI软件版本的最佳功能扩展。 软件将立即的计算necessaary,警告任何设计中的问题,并提供了图形化的情节和图纸。

Advanced Spring Design 7.12 | 372.0 mb

UTS and SMI announces the release of Advanced Spring Design (ASD) 7. ASD 7 meets your needs in a single program by including a variety of spring types: compression, extension, garter, torsion, spiral, constant force, washer, beam and snap ring. The program combines engineering expertise with customized calculations created in TK Solver’s collaborative environment to help you design quality springs.

ASD simplifies the design of many types of compression, extension, torsion, spiral, washer and beam springs. It combines and expands on the best features of previous SMI software versions. The software instantly makes the necessaary calculations, warns of any problems in the design, and provides graphical plots and drawings.

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Name: Advanced Spring Design

Version: 7.12

Interface: english

OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven

Size: 372.0 mb