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CBT Nuggets - Windows PowerShell v2-v3-v4 Ultimate Training

90 Videos | 31 Hours | .MP4 | aac, 44100 Hz, stereo | h264, yuv420p, 1280x720, 12 fps | 4.91 GB

Genre: E-learning | Advanced | English

Covers all current versions of Windows PowerShell

This PowerShell video training course with Don Jones covers everything an administrator can do with any current version of PowerShell.

Finally, it’s the Windows PowerShell training you’ve always wanted — Covering every version of PowerShell, this course by Don Jones clearly explains the differences between each version currently used in production environments and covers literally EVERYTHING an administrator might want to do with the shell.

Start from absolute zero, and learn PowerShell as it was meant to be used. Advance into scripting and “toolmaking,” learning to make command-line and graphical tools from scratch. Move into advanced, real-world, field-proven topics such as reporting, trend analysis, and more. Learn super-advanced features like workflow and Desired State Configuration. You’ll even find topics that go beyond the shell, such as using Component Object Model and .NET Framework classes in the shell.

It’s one course, with EVERYTHING the shell touches. Encompassing more than 30 HOURS of instruction, combined with self-paced hands-on labs (and video lab reviews), this Microsoft PowerShell training is the ultimate course for learning Windows PowerShell.

Related are of expertise:


Recommended skills:

*Familiarity with general Windows and Microsoft server administration

Recommended equipment:

*Two virtual machines running a Windows client and server OS

Related certifications:


Related job functions:

*Scripting and automation


*Client and server management

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