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Cadence SPB OrCAD 的16.6x 升级补丁。

Cadence SPB OrCAD 16.x Hotfix|

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Cadence Design Systems, Inc. announce hotfix version 013 for 16.60 release. This update includes some critical bug fixes. Cadence Design Systems, Inc., a leader in global electronic design innovation, launched the Cadence OrCAD 16.6 design solution with new features, enhanced customization capabilities, and 20 percent simulation performance improvements that provide customers a shorter, more predictable path to product creation.

This latest release offers numerous improvements to tool usability and performance, but at the heart of 16.6 are three key benefits: enhanced miniaturization capabilities, timing-aware physical implementation and verification for faster timing closure, and the industry’s first electrical CAD team collaboration environment for PCB design using Microsoft SharePoint technology.

A hot fix is a software maintenance package containing a small number of code fixes, designed to fix a sall number of critical problems. A hot fix enables a customer to receive fixes for urgent problems, without having to wait for the next service pack.

Each successive Fix Pack is comprehensive and contains the material from the earlier Fix Packs for that Release, as well as all Interim Fixes made available since the previous Fix Pack or full Release. In other words, when multiple Fix Packs are available, you would not need to apply Fix Pack 1 before applying Fix Pack 2.

About Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

Cadence enables global electronic design innovation and plays an essential role in the creation of today's integrated circuits and electronics. Customers use Cadence software, hardware, IP, and services to design and verify advanced semiconductors, consumer electronics, networking and telecommunications equipment, and computer systems. The company is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., with sales offices, design centers, and research facilities around the world to serve the global electronics industry.

DATE: x-x-2015 HOTFIX VERSION: 05x




1272355 F2B DESIGNVARI Property changes on replaced component shows incorrect result in BOM output

1483136 ADW COMPONENT_BROWSE About searching the parenthesis or comma in Component Browser of ADW Mode

1488909 ALLEGRO_EDITOR DRC_CONSTR Test Via causes net scheduling verification to fail

1498389 SIP_LAYOUT DIE_GENERATOR Provide the ability in the 'die in' command to specify flip chip as a DIE symbol

1506672 ALLEGRO_EDITOR INTERACTIV Replicate Place - Shapes are missing

1523532 F2B PACKAGERXL Adding subdesign names in the "Use subdesign” or “Force subdesign" sections hangs for more than a minute

1525783 CONCEPT_HDL CORE \BASE scope does not work for SYNONYMed global signals

1529846 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Some shapes are not generated in the artwork

1537499 CONCEPT_HDL CORE Adding the same version (already placed) with the same split block name should not be allowed

1542334 CONCEPT_HDL CREFER creferhdl leaving lock files in sch_1 folder

1543410 ADW LRM LRM shows confusing pat status. It reports that update is needed but clicking update doesn't work

1546141 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Shapes missing from Artwork

1546877 CONCEPT_HDL CORE Align Left on Wires Fails With Incorrect Error Message

1548953 CONCEPT_HDL CORE Genview generates a symbol with strange graphics - lines going to a single point

1548978 ALLEGRO_EDITOR MANUFACT Shape not voiding clines

1550941 PCB_LIBRARIAN PTF_EDITOR PDV Part Table Editor new column sorting causing problems

1553950 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SKILL Executing axlUIControl('pixel2UserUnits) crashes Allegro

1554333 CONCEPT_HDL CORE Changed connectivity error when aligning ports attached to netgroups

1555092 SIP_LAYOUT DEGASSING Degass offset is not working with hexagons

1556261 ALLEGRO_EDITOR DATABASE Running DBDoctor on board file gives an error"Illegal database pointer encountered, Exiting DBDOCTOR." and crashes

1557716 APD OTHER Stream out fails with request to terminate detected - Program aborted

1559951 SIP_LAYOUT SYMB_EDIT_APPMOD Wrong bump locations after Symbol Editor -> Refresh co-design die

1560197 CONCEPT_HDL CORE bomhdl adds extra charcters to subdesign_suffix when generating hierarchical BOM

1562537 ALLEGRO_EDITOR MENTOR Mentor BS to Allegro 16.6 results in Fatal Error

1564203 ALLEGRO_EDITOR ARTWORK ARTWORK : Can't generate negative film.


Cadence SPB OrCAD


(32bit) 16.60.062 Hotfix





Windows XP / Vista / Seven

System Requirements:

Cadence SPB OrCAD 16.60.000 - 16.60.062


1.6 Gb