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Samplephonics Beat Scene MULTiFORMAT | 527 Mb

Dust off that MPC, remove the vinyl from the sleeve and prepare to delve into this delicious virtual crate of classic instrumental Hip Hop, Neo-Soul and melodic Electronica loops and samples. With a clear nod to the greats of the past; J Dilla, Pete Rock and Madlib, but with a soulful modern twist, this delicious crunchy box of sample gold ensures your next production will have that authentic Dilla swagger & swing.

Inside this laid back Hip Hop sample library you will find groovy basslines, lush pads, off-beat Funk drum loops, creative keys, seductive synths, surreal FX, and stunning atmospheres. All produced with the ingenious of artistry by French beatmaker extraordinaire CYGN.

All the of the 250 loops and 150 one shots within this pack are painstakingly designed and creatively organised to help you find what you want fast and get those creative juices flowing. This royalty free sample goldmine is available as Wav file and is formatted for a range of sampler instruments including Ableton Sampler, Kontakt, Maschine and many more. What are you waiting for? Start creating!



260 Loops

150 One shots Sampler instruments for Kontakt, Maschine, Ableton Sampler, Halion, EXS24, Motu MachFive, SFZ and NNXT

Samplephonics 击败场景繁多 |527 mb

抹去那 MPC 的灰尘,从袖子中删除乙烯基并准备深入这美味虚拟的板条箱经典器乐Hip Hop、 新灵魂和旋律的电子乐循环和样品。与爽快的伟人的过去;J 迪拉、 皮特岩石和 Madlib,但深情的现代转折,这美味松脆箱样品黄金可确保您接下来的生产都会有那地道的迪拉昂首阔步 & 摆动。

这悠闲 Hip Hop 样本库里面你会发现 groovy 低音贝斯柔和、 郁郁葱葱的垫、 合拍放克循环鼓、 创意钥匙、 诱人 synth,超现实的 FX 和令人惊叹的大气。所有的巧妙的艺术性由法国 beatmaker 非凡 CYGN。

所有 250 环和 150 此包中的一个镜头是精心设计并创造性地举办,帮助你找到你想要的快速和得到的创造力。这版税免费样品金矿也可作为 Wav 文件格式化为一系列采样器文书包括 Ableton 取样器、 开播、 Maschine 和更多。你还在等什么?开始创建 !

详细信息 ︰

858.3 MB

260 循环

150 一炮采样仪器为开播、 Maschine、 Ableton 取样器、 Halion、 EXS24、 自行MachFive、 SFZ、 NNXT