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In todays production game, versatility is everything to a producers survival. P5 in association with eCity and ICU Productionz is lending a hand with the next product in our Make em Dance series! Makem Dance Pop Club Edition represents those hot, floor pounding rhythms that you hear banging out your speakers and see topping the charts! Time for the take-over baby! This product contains 25 multi-track construction loop sets guaranteed to make em dance! Each loop set contains 10 or more individual parts representing a total of over 250 individual loops. All parts are separated including kick, snare, hi hit, percussion, fx, bass, synths, keys, and guitars. Mix and Match loops to create endless combinations! Make em Dance Pop Club Edition is the love child of hip hop and pop! It cuts across genres and through your mix! All loops are in 16 bit, 44.1 kHz, WAV file format.

P5 音频 |酸的 WAV |740 MB

在当今生产游戏,多功能性是生产者生存的一切。在协会与 eCity P5 和 ICU Productionz 我们让他们舞蹈系列的下一个产品援手 !-麦克姆舞蹈流行音乐俱乐部版表示那些热,地板剧烈节奏你听到敲打出您的扬声器和看到排行榜 !接管婴儿的时间 !本产品包含 25 多轨道施工循环集保证使 em 舞蹈 !每个环集包含 10 个或更多的个人部分总额超过 250 个人循环。所有零件都都分离包括踢,圈套,喜打,打击乐,fx,低音、 合成器、 键和吉他。混合与匹配的循环来创建无穷的组合!让他们舞蹈流行俱乐部版是嘻哈和流行音乐的爱孩子 !它削减跨流派和通过你的组合 !所有的循环都是 16 位,44.1 k h z,WAV 文件格式。