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Lynda - Cert Prep: 3ds Max Certified Professional

Size: 1023 MB | Duration: 4h 14m | Video: AVC (.mp4) 1280x720 30fps | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch

Genre: eLearning | Level: Intermediate | Language: English

In a competitive 3D marketplace, certification can be a real boost to your career. 3ds Max certification proves you know the program inside and out, and it's a signal to employers and clients that you are a trustworthy professional. If you have the recommended 400 hours of hands-on experience, you can study to become a 3ds Max Certified Professional with this prep course from George Maestri. George reviews specific skills covered by the certification exam, including modeling, shading, rendering, effects, animation, and rigging. Brush up on topics such as setting up scenes and viewports, transforming objects, modeling polygonal objects, adding cameras and lights, rendering scenes, and configuring particle systems, as well as path animation and character rigging in 3ds Max. This course isn't designed to teach you the basics, but to help you refresh your 3ds Max skills and prepare for the exam topics. Once you're finished with the course, you can feel confident taking the 3ds Max Certified Professional exam.

Topics include:

* What is 3ds Max certification?

* Importing data

* Using scenes

* Configuring viewports

* Transforming, duplicating, and cloning objects

* Polygonal modeling

* Editing splines

* Setting up cameras and lighting

* Working with materials

* Rendering scenes

* Animating models

* Rigging characters

琳达-证书准备︰ 3ds Max 认证的专业

大小︰ 1023 MB |持续时间︰ 4 小时 14 m |视频︰ AVC (.mp4) 1280 × 720 30fps |音频︰ AAC 48 KHz 2 通道

类型︰ 电子学习 |级别︰ 中级 |语言︰ 英语

在竞争激烈的 3D 市场,认证可以是一个真正的推动你的事业。3ds Max 认证证明你知道程序内的进出,它是一个信号,雇主和客户端,你是一家值得信赖的专业。如果你有推荐的 400 小时的亲身体验,你可以学习成为 3ds Max 认证专业人员与此预备课程从乔治宝塔。乔治评论具体技能认证考试,包括建模、 底纹、 渲染、 效果、动画,和索具所涵盖。温习一下设置场景和视区、 变换对象、 多边形对象建模、 摄像机和灯光,渲染场景中添加和配置粒子系统,以及路径动画的主题和人物索具在 3ds Max。这门课程并不是教你的基本知识,而是帮助你刷新你 3ds Max 的技能和准备考试题目。一旦你完成了课程,你可以自信 3ds Max 认证专业考试。


* 什么是 3ds Max 认证?

* 导入数据

* 使用场景

* 配置视区

* 改造、 复制,克隆对象

* 多边形建模

* 编辑样条

* 设置相机和照明

* 使用材料

* 渲染场景

* 动画模型

* 操纵字符