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Loopmasters Tropical Island House WAV MiDi REX | 911 MB

Loopmasters present Tropical Island House - a sun-soaked exploration of Tropical House to give the crowd that blissed-out summer vibe! All of the content here is 100% royalty free to use and inspire you to create pro-sounding tracks in minutes.

Tropical Island House delivers you a collection of over 300 pro-audio loops infused with huge quantities of vitamin D and ready to drop into your mix. You’ll find a wealth of content including Atmospheres, Bass, Chords, Drums, Vocals and FX, all ready to be used together to make the party swing!

Packed full of infectious good time vibes Tropical Island House has all the sonic ingredients to fill your productions with authentic Balearic sounds. The Collection is rich on the instrumentation and includes loops featuring Pianos, Rhodes, Flutes, Marimbas, Organs, Guitars, Bells and Steel Drums all feature and deliver key-labelled, tempo-synced melodies, which work together. Drum loops are neatly divided into Full, Kick and Top variants, alongside single drum loops which enable you to build the perfect drum track!

Over 40 FX loops mean you have the material to create smooth and blissful transitions between sections and tracks, and the provided Vocal loops give you the magic human touch. Lush Chord Loops are included to give your tracks a melodic progression and rich flavor.

In detail expect to find 1.41 GB of content with 301 individual 24 bit wav files. Loops include 20 Atmosphere Loops, 33 Bass Loops, 29 Chord Loops, 30 Drum Loops, Fx Loops, 60 Music Loops, 56 Single Drum Loops and 27 Vocal Loops. 320 Rex2 files are includes and the pack is available in multiple formats!.

At 114BPM you’ll find Tropical Island House suites the mood of Chillout, Ambient and Lounge music, in addition to downtempo versions of House, Trance and EDM.

Loopmasters 热带岛房子 WAV MiDi 雷克斯 |911 MB

Loopmasters 目前热带岛房子-太阳浸泡勘探的热带的房子给人群那欢天喜地出夏天的氛围 !所有在这里都是内容的 100%的版税免费使用和激发您可以在几分钟内创建亲探空轨道。

热带岛房子送你一个集合超过 300 亲音频循环注入了大量的维生素 D,准备放到你的混合。你会发现了丰富的内容包括大气、 低音、 和弦、 鼓、 人声和外汇市场上,都准备好了一起使用,为使宴会摆 !

挤满了传染疾病的好时间共鸣热带岛房子的所有声波的成分,来填补你的作品与巴利阿里的真实声音。集合拥有丰富的仪器仪表和包括钢琴、 罗兹、 长笛、 木琴、 器官、 吉他、 钟声、 钢桶的循环所有功能和交付关键贴上标签,节奏同步的旋律,一起工作。循环鼓整齐地分为全、 踢和顶尖的变体,单鼓循环使您能够构建完美鼓轨道旁边 !

超过 40 的 FX 循环意思是说,你有材料以创建平滑和幸福之间的转换部分以及轨道,提供声乐循环给你神奇的人类触碰。郁郁葱葱的和弦循环包括给你的曲目旋律进展和浓郁的香味。

详细期望与 301 个人 24 位 wav 文件找到 1.41 GB 的内容。回路包括 20 大气循环、33 低音循环、 29 和弦循环、 30 鼓循环、 Fx 循环、 60 音乐循环、 56 单鼓循环和27 声乐循环。320 Rex2 文件是包括和包是可用在多种格式 !。

在 114BPM 你会发现热带岛房子套房 Chillout,周边和休息室的音乐、 以及 downtempo 版本的房子,恍惚和电火花加工的心情。