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Boxed Ear Sys100 Roland System 100 KONTAKT | 979 Mb

The Roland System 100 is an iconic and classic semi-modular synthesizer released in 1975. It's made up of five components which were all sold separately. The full set fits together to make a beautiful instrument. They definitely don't make them like this anymore.

Sys100 is a Kontakt library made entirely with this incredible synthesizer. It is a wonderfully vintage sounding sample pack which oozes the character of the original instrument. We've taken particular care to sample this instrument in a way that means you can play sounds polyphonically, which means you can hear and play System 100 in a way that was never before possible. The pack contains basses, leads, pads, electric pianos, drums and a lot of wild effects. Believe us when we tell you that this pack sounds every bit as good as the System 100 looks. Whether you're playing prog rock synth solos or minimal techno, this synth is going to impress.

80 Kontakt instruments

In six categories:

- Raw mono

- Raw poly

- Processed mono

- Processed poly

- Drums and FX

- Waveforms

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盒装耳 Sys100 罗兰系统 100 开播 |979 mb

罗兰系统 100 是标志性和经典半模块化合成器发表于 1975 年。它是组成的五个组成部分,分别卖光了。全套组合在一起,使美丽的工具。他们一定不要让他们像这样了。

Sys100 是一个完全用这个令人难以置信的声音合成器的开播库。它是一个奇妙老式测样品包的渗出文书正本的字符。我们已经采取特别的小心来样这就意味着你可以播放声音 polyphonically,这意味着你可以听到,是绝无可能的方式发挥系统 100 项文书。包中包含低音、 潜在顾客、 垫、 电钢琴、 鼓和大量的野生的影响。我们相信当我们告诉你,此包,听每位系统 100 看上去的一样好。是否你在玩 prog 岩石 synth 独奏或最小的技术,这 synth 要留下深刻的印象。

80 开播文书






-鼓和 FX


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