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Steven Slate SSD4 Blackbird Studio Drums Expansion | 5.38 Gb

The legendary Blackbird Studios has been the studio of choice for the industry's greatest artists, from Pearl Jam to Bruce Springsteen. With eight rooms consisting of the world's most coveted gear and musical instruments as well as fourteen hundred microphones, Blackbird has quickly become known as one of the most prestigious recording facilities in the world. In the Spring of 2014, Blackbird Founder John McBride recorded the Blackbird Drums Expansion with drummer Chris Tyrell of Lady Antebellum for the STEVEN SLATE DRUMS 4 Virtual Instrument and TRIGGER drum replacer plugin.

Utilizing three of Blackbird's classic rooms including the chambers of rooms A and D, tons of vintage mics and gear, classic drum kits from an era spanning fifty years, and of course, John's amazing engineering talent, Blackbird Drums is one of the most amazing drum libraries you'll ever experience. From vintage to modern and everything in between, Slate Drums users will savor the sounds of:


* Six New Kick Drum Samples

* Ten New Snare Samples

* Seven New Sets of Toms

* Two New Hi Hats (SSD4 Only)

* One New Ride (SSD4 Only)

* Four New Crashes (SSD4 Only)

史蒂文石板 SSD4 黑鸟工作室鼓扩张 |5.38 Gb

传说中的黑鸟工作室已选择为该行业的最伟大的艺术家,从珍珠果酱的布鲁斯 · 斯普林斯汀的工作室。与 8 个房间组成的世界上最令人垂涎的齿轮和乐器,以及 1400 麦克风,画眉鸟迅速已成为世界最负盛名的录音设施之一。2014 年春季,黑鹂创始人约翰 · 麦克布赖德记录黑鸟鼓扩张和鼓手克里斯 · 提利尔的史蒂文石板鼓 4 虚拟仪器的夫人战前和触发鼓拆装器插件。

利用三黑鹂的经典间客房,包括房间 A 和 D,吨的老式麦克风和齿轮,商会从跨越五十年,和当然,约翰的令人惊异的工程人才,黑鸟鼓时代经典鼓包是你会经历过的最令人惊异的鼓库之一。从复古到现代和之间的一切,石板鼓用户要品尝的声音︰


* 六新踢鼓样品

* 十新圈套样品

* 七个新的汤姆斯集

* 两个新嗨帽子 (SSD4 只)

* 一个新车 (只适用于 SSD4)

* 四个新崩溃 (SSD4 只)