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Fresh, natural, and boldly beautiful, many words come to mind when describing the feel of our Acoustic Bass Premier 2. Engineered under the strictest standards of quality, the full energy of natural bass has been packed into 96 kHz samples without any artificial EQs or compressors. Easy to use with plenty of articulation, including ARCO in 3 types of recording variations, Acoustic Bass Premier 2 is a great boost for any style of music project.

Unlike many other software instruments with thin sounds due to digital degradation, our biggest effort and attention were focused on digital management. We at AcBass Premier2 have compiled 3 styles for your all your musical needs.

Solid Basic Style

Closed mic position, solid wide-range and bottom power especially good for Hip Hop and Rock style projects

(Neumann U47 - Neve 1081 - Urei 1176)

Vintage Jazz Style

Mid range mic position, traditional jazz recording style

(RCA 77DX - Ampex 350 - Teletronix LA2A)

Modern Jazz Style

Flat and natural upright bass sound, suitable for all your tracks

(SCHOEPS 221b - Ampex 350 - Urei 1176)

Slides and Gliss were recorded in ALL keys and are controllable in real time with key switches. AcBass Premier2 has a Modulation wheel control for vibrato, a two tier velocity design, access to plenty of touch and slide variations and rich and beautiful Arco sounds.

清新,自然,大胆地美,许多词都是在描述我们的声学低音2。工程严格的质量标准下,自然的低音饱满的精力被打包成96 kHz的样品没有任何人工地震或压缩机。易于使用的很多关节,包括记录变化的3种类型的阿科,声学低音Premier 2是任何风格的音乐项目伟大的升压。

与许多其他软件仪器与薄的声音,由于数字的退化,我们最大的努力和注意力都集中在数字管理。我们在acbass premier2编制3款式供你你所有的音乐需求。



(诺伊曼U47 -尼夫1081蛋白1176)



(RCA 77dx -该350 teletronix la2a)



(舍普斯221B -该350蛋白1176)

幻灯片和滑音记录所有按键和控制键开关实时。acbass premier2有颤音调制轮控制,一二级速度设计,使用触摸和滑动的变化和美丽富饶的阿科听起来很多。