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I.a Entertainment Freak Of The Week Vol.1 | ACiD WAV REX2 AiFF | 1.59 GB

'Freak Of The Week Vol 1' is an inspiring collection of five Construction Kits full of melodic, artistic, catchy tracks and guitar riffs. Supplied in WAV, Apple Loops and REX formats this versatile pack contains 916 individual loops and samples. Propel your tracks to new heights with I.A. Entertainment's latest pack, recorded and produced in the heart of Hollywood, CA.

Produced by engineer, composer and guitarist JoJo Valdez this pack is infused with his signature cutting-edge sounds and creative writing style that made the Moderndayfreak band popular.

Technical Specifications:

• WAV, Apple Loops & REX Formats

• 916 Individual Loops & Samples

• 5 Construction Kits

• WAV Files

• Apple Loops/AIFF Files

• REX2 Loops

• Loops sync to BPM

• 44.1 kHz/24-Bit

• PC/Mac Compatible

A娱乐怪胎of the周1 |酸WAV rex2 AIFF | 1.59 GB

“怪胎of the周飞行1”是一inspiring Collection of五包充满旋律的建筑,艺术,catchy轨道与吉他即兴。相关在WAV,苹果圈与雷克斯这包含通用格式916 individual圈和样品。推进你的足迹到新高度。entertainment' S与最新的包,recorded and produced in the heart of好莱坞。

由工程师、创作和吉他手乔乔Valdez这包是养颜with his签名切割边缘的声音和创造性的写作风格that made the moderndayfreak乐队的流行。



•916 individual圈及样品



•苹果圈/ AIFF文件


•环同步to BPM

•44.1千赫/ 24位

•PC / Mac兼容