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Sample Logic Morphestra Generations KONTAKT | 15.1 Gb

MORPHESTRA GENERATIONS – A New Generation of Sound. Weighing in at over 16GBs, MORPHESTRA GENERATIONS is a collection of 1600+ morphed Instruments & Multis derived entirely from true orchestral recordings. Created in association with Kirk Hunter Studios, MORPHESTRA GENERATIONS brings the original MORPHESTRA™ into a whole new generation of sound, creating a modern day virtual instrument that transcends ANY morphed orchestral/effectual sample library ever created.

Geared for film, TV, and game composers, MORPHESTRA GENERATIONS includes amazing ready-to-play psycho-acoustic sampled symphonic winds, strings, and percussive instruments and morphs them into a world where music and sound design collide. MORPHESTRA GENERATIONS also includes all the original instruments and multis from MORPHESTRA 1.0.

Re-defined, Re-mastered, Re-mutilated, Re-morphed

Sample Logic has gone above and beyond traditional performance practices and recording techniques to create the new diverse instruments included in MORPHESTRA GENERATIONS. Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, Symphonic & World percussion, Voices, Guitars, Waterphones, Animals, Warehouses, Tools, Machinery, and a number of unique World instruments were recorded in the studio and as field recordings then manipulated using Sample Logic’s proprietary morphing and synthesis techniques to create new organic "never-before-heard" instruments and ensembles. All recordings were manipulated, morphed, and processed throughout the various stages of production, including the sampling phase, programming phase, and via the MORPHESTRA GENERATIONS real-time customizable user interface effects and parameters.

Mind Blowing User Interface

The MORPHESTRA GENERATIONS spectacular user interface was designed with the composer and sound designer in mind, providing effortless control for complete real-time customization. The core of MORPHESTRA GENERATIONS is focused around the user experience, providing the freedom to infinitely transform samples into awesome twisted evolving instruments with endless possibilities.

"Multi-core Effect Sequencers" for real-time effect automation

"Triggers" – 48 unique effect chains

"Arpeggigater" – sequencer based gate effect

"LFO" section to make things wobble

"Wave" – additive synthesis engine

"Pitch" sequencer for quick and easy pattern based transpositions on the fly

"Multi Script Macros" for real-time sequencing of instrument parameter controls

Whats new:

Over 400 entirely new instruments (1600+ completely enhanced isntruments in all)

Over 90 New Multis (200+multis in all)

All Instruments re-mastered and re-morphed

All New User Interface

New Convolution Reverb

New Triggers (real-time effects chains)

New LFO Module (modulate parameters)

New Wave Module (real-time synthesis engine)

New Arpeggigater (step-sequence effects)

...and much more...

样品逻辑morphestra代接触| 15.1 GB

morphestra——新一代人的声音。在weighing 16gbs morphestra代过,是一个收集仪器和morphed 1600 +跨国公司从真正的管弦乐录音源出现。创建一个morphestra柯克猎人协会的工作室,一个原代morphestra™带来全新一代的声音,创造一个任何现代虚拟仪器transcends morphed /样品库创建的effectual管弦”。

二分法在电影,电视,游戏和惊人的morphestra代作曲家,包括心理准备播放交响乐声采样冲风,字符串和一个变种的工具和他们的世界在发生碰撞的音乐和声音设计。因此,在原代morphestra仪器和跨国公司从morphestra 1.0。